August 14, 2015 – 2 – 4 pm – Pasadena, CA – Hillside Campus – CMTEL


After 9 weeks in Berlin these 10 students from Product Design, Interaction Design, Graphic Design and Illustration returned to Pasadena to show the fruits of their labor – Concept Designs for Wearables Inspired by Berlin.

This kind of total immersion approach to design inspiration allows the student to not only explore and research the culture and history of the location but to be able to recognize the subtleties of the aesthetic in order to incorporate it into their designs.

Each student gave a 7 minute presentation to Art Center Department Chairs, faculty, students, and guests, including Karen Hofmann (Product Design Chair) and Nik Hafermaas (Graphic Design Chair & Dean of Special Programs), and Justine Parish (Assoc. Professor, lead faculty for Head To Toe Berlin class)

Here is a sample from each student of their Final Project for Head To Toe Berlin.  These projects are still in the concept stage and as a result we cannot show them to you in more detail at this time.  Many of the students will be taking these projects forward in the next year.

And then students talked to guests at a reception following the presentations


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