Stasi Prison – Hohenschönhause

(by Noel Ekker – Hohenschönhause) Hohenschönhause was a heartbreaking experience.  We got to see how the initially KGB run prison, which was physically degrading to the prisoners, transformed in the 60’s to the GDR run prison, which was psychologically degrading, and that served as the Stasi Headquarters and “enemy of the state” front-line.  Their tactics were meant to make the prison appear to the outside world as a humane institution, while in actuality it was anything but.  Mental warfare was waged constantly on the prisoners: a window of glass brick that one couldn’t actually see out of, a bed that you could only touch at night, in which one could only sleep in a fixed position, a toilet that only flushed when the guards decided to grant you this luxury, no mirrors to erase one’s self image, and zero human contact with anyone but the guards and interrogators.  The GDR was an incredibly evil and degrading government, and the Stasi was their shield and sword.  Good riddance.

(Photos by India Hillis)


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