Head To Toe Berlin




By Josh Wu: Perret Schaad This collection had some nice patterns, colors, and fits. The whole collection was very elegant. The show was outdoors during a pretty windy day, and it was interesting to see how the clothing interacted with the wind.

By Mia Eum: Perret Schaad.   Last, but not least of my three shows was Perret Schaad. This collection is my favorite by far and what made it even more enjoyable was the venue and extremely windy weather. Let’s get one thing straight: the venue was nowhere near glamorous as it looked like a tiny neighborhood park nestled in between huge apartment building complexes, with what looked like an old pool that got filled with concrete then painted blue. On the flip side, the huge “pool” created a great catwalk for the models to walk around its circumference since the collection was fairly large. Again, the weather was quite windy, which made me feel for the models themselves, but created incredibly gorgeous and dynamic movement in all the pieces, which worked in favor of the designers. The collection was what I would consider to be the lovechild of Whitetail and Holy Ghost put together then pushed further, so I was able to appreciate it due to my previous shows. Dresses and separates were undoubtedly feminine with their draping, but with more modern geometric details juxtaposed onto one outfit. The color palette was fun yet tasteful for the modern, urban fashionista during the summer: vibrant to pale mints, shades of coral, whites, and grey. Perhaps it was due to the large number of pieces in the collection, but the range was well balanced in its tasteful contrasts, fun, young, while featuring beautiful drapery (showcased by the wind) and femininity.  All in all, don’t judge a book by its cover, or in this case..by the show’s stage.

By Erick Ikeda: Perret Schaad – It was windy, cold and the venue was at a small park in the middle of a residential area. The show was pushed back an hour but with some free wine it built up a lot of suspense. When the show started, it did not disappoint. The windy-ness added to the beauty of the pieces that the ladies strutted. The runway always adds dynamism seeing the pieces in movement, this show took that further, it made the beautiful pieces explosive. The seams and materials were all placed in the right places, as if the designers knew in advance of the weather conditions to maximize the pieces on the runway.

By Noel Ekker: Perret Schaad presented what was to me easily the best design work I saw at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin 2015.  Gorgeous, simplified, creative, with excellent colors; their garments were beautiful.  Beyond the excellent pieces, the show was in a cement filled outdoor swimming pool on a gloomy cold windy end of the day; a very cool setting (pun intended).  Combined with excellent music and models, this was my top show by a mile. http://perretschaad.com/


By Noel Ekker: Sadak had an engaging and well produced show in which he presented his collection in the main Mercedes Benz Tent runway under captivating lighting to dark ethereal trap beats .  He was clearly catering to a modern fashion conscious hip hop scene, with an interesting take on what could be worn in that context.  I personally was not a fan of the purple being used in many of the garments, or the 90’s computer art print that was regularly applied.  Still, some of the pieces were nice with strong silhouettes worn by excellent models.  http://www.sadak.de/