By Caitlin Joo:  Isabel Vollrath’s runway show was quite a refreshing collection of special occasion pieces compared to all other genuine fashion shows. It had a more experimental look than any other show both in design and material. Each piece had a distinct style of concept like multiple sleeves attached on one side of the shoulder or top made out of dozens of ballet shoes. The delicacy of the design on each piece was incredibly well hidden either on the top of the dress or the back of the dress. In contrast to the amount of detail on the top, the bottom was either solid color cotton or soft chiffon. Some were covered entirely with fascinating textile patterns and some were solid but with more complicated designs.



By Josh Wu: Ivanman’s SS 16 menswear collection was interesting, I thought the collection overall was a mix of a casual and sophisticated look. The vibrant colors suggested the playfulness. What stood out to me was how he put his twist on the fit of the collar; he did some layering with loose fitting collars exposing a tighter fitting one. What I didn’t like was the knitted tank tops with the dress pants. I thought that was an awkward look.

By Erick Ikeda: Ivanman – This was the first fashion week show I attended and to say the least: I was excited. The venue felt exclusive as you either had a ticket in or you were trying to chop it up with the front desk to convince them to let you in. The show unfortunately was very underwhelming. If there were two things that stuck out they were vibrant colors and layers of collars. Nothing was eye gawking or abnormal. I walked out enjoying the context of the first time experience rather than the contents of it.



By Erick Ikeda: Julian Zigerli – The venue for Julian Ziglerli’s menswear show was at Geshichtspark Moabit Park across the Central train station of Berlin. I had no idea what to expect. All I kept hearing in my head was “Rock Creek Park” from the Black Byrds playing in my head. We didn’t even notice the show started until the models walked right passed us. The pieces were everything from crisp and clean to print heavy and loud. Maybe it’s just my subjective opinions but the crisp and clean was killing it, the pieces had depth and details that stood out even in the overcast darkness we were watching the show in. The print heavy and loud, was, well, just that. Once the models did their pass around us they all stood as sculptures for us to get a closer look.

By Noel Ekke: Julian Zigerli presented his menswear collection in a beautiful wide open park; models carrying tiny boom boxes in their left hand to compensate for a sound system was a cool touch, as were the blades of grass was glued to their hands, legs, and necks.  The clothing itself was in my opinion not very compelling or appealing, but the presentation was excellent, striking models being a factor.



By Suyu Ren: Nobi Talai  As I’m not a big fan of beige colors so I have to say the show is a bit tedious. I do like the presentation idea with sand and some usage of materials are interesting.

By Grace Haynes: Nobi Talai was my first fashion show at fashion week. Although the clothing wasn’t my taste, I appreciated all of the work and effort the designer put into making this brand possible. The environment was great, the music was soft and serene, very fitting for the clothing and the sand the models were being placed on added a nice touch. The clothing was mostly navy blue, beige, white and a few pops of orange here and there. The audience was mostly posh middle aged ladies who wanted to purchase something more elegant, feminine, and classy. It was a great start off to fashion week, and it was interesting to compare the different crowds. They all come for the same thing which is fashion, however their approach and taste, and way of expressing themselves through fashion is polar opposite.


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