By Serena Jorif: Augustin Teboul is known for women’s fashion that is ready to wear but contains elements of high fashion. Attendees were hoping to see beautifully strange black crochet pieces in a surreal atmosphere but what was presented was far from that. There were 7 models posing in a sterile white gallery space, wearing Augustine Teboul Spring | Summer 2016 creations. Black denim jackets, hot pants with signature black sequins, sheer transparent tops and a black and white polka-dot theme ran throughout the show. The attention was split between the live models and the photographic prints by Ellen von Unwerth that hung on the walls. The Augustin Teboul show was held in a gallery space just outside of Potsdamer Platz.



By Elim Pan: Esther Perbandt.   This I would say was a treat. It was what a “show” should be, entertaining, surprising, and fun. The show started with an opera singer and later joined with another inside the main Mercedes-Benz tent. With a live electronic music mixed with opera vocals, it was a magnificent performance. Esther Perbandt calls herself an artist instead of a fashion designer and does not enjoy the idea of “trend.” It’s usually a collection of avant guard unisex design that plays with gender roles. “Tears for the Impatient” remains black and white with elegant details, rough textures, and androgynous cuts with a bit of rock and roll casual look with added humor. My personal favorites were the pocket details that hang in the back and the rough cut paint-like jackets.



By Noel Ekker: The Franziska Michael show was very disappointing, with garments that were both silly in appearance, and poor in craftsmanship.   What looked like hand me down jeans being cut up with scissors and layered on top of construction site temporary fencing, topped off with Minion’s goggles, could have been interesting in concept, but the execution was poorly designed in my opinion.



By Elim Pan: Hien Le.  The ‘Preppy Tennis Look’ is Hien Le’s Summer 2016 collection. With inspiration of 60’s and 70’s Tennis scene from the movie “Match Point” by Woody Allen, the collection quietly says California. Sporty, pure, minimal, ready to wear, and yes, silk. No surprises here, it is very minimal with little details of applications of layering and subtle cuts. The bright grass green silk wear reflected the light well and shimmers as the models walk through the runway. Silk smoothly adds a level of elegance to the design. Color choices consisted of bright grass green, white, baby blue, and pale pink.

After having a delay due to the long line outside the Kronzprinzenpalais being seated as “Back to life, back to reality” came on and excited the crowd. Then it played through Warren G and 50 Cent, and ended with Taylor Swift. For a long wait that ended quickly, it left me wanting more. Hien Le was the first show I attended, it was quite fun.



By Mia Eum: Holy Ghost is a brand from Munich and their muse is for the urban heroine. Now with that said, this summer’s collection was based off of a Moroccan theme so it featured much more luxurious “beach-like” outfits. I honestly didn’t see half the outfits being suitable for said “urban heroine”.  Maybe if she were to take a vacation in Morocco? The collection fit into this theme aptly with their sheer long sarong/robe like pieces that featured textiles of watercolored tropical leaves and Moroccan tile patterns. My biggest takeaway was how beautifully flowy fabrics can be used and look on a moving model despite the overall aesthetic being far from my personal taste. Maybe I’m being jaded as someone who grew up in Los Angeles and having been surrounded by beach/resort based fashion growing up? However, my favorite aspect of this show, was just that, the show itself. As soon as we walked towards the venue, it was obvious this was a sort of gala where people were there to be seen and have fun more than anything. Women were extremely hip, there were at least 6 booths with free bars, food, and manicure bars! The stage was a phenomenal experience as it was a catwalk built floating in the middle of an infinity pool topped with Persian rugs and we were both seated in the middle, second row of the whole spectacle. I only found out after the fact that Munich designers have more money to spend on the production of their show than Berliners. If this is true, then I’m glad I was able to partake in this experience!

By Caitlin Joo: The Spring/Summer 2015 collection of Holy Ghost was clean and elegant look with a tint of Moroccan pattern textiles. All fits were loose and comfortable looking but still feminine. The color palette was either neutral or cobalt blue. The silhouette under the fabric brought out the slight shapes of the body.


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