Head To Toe Berlin


By Dana Kanin



By Noel Ekker: Universität der Künste Berlin Fashion Show 2015 – Berlin’s student fashion show.  19 designers presented full collections over an hour, each with their own sound track.  The show was in a large sports hall, and it was a mixed bag of some good and some bad.  This I think is typical of any art school, not every student is strong, but overall the work was impressive, with well-made garments and a huge range of work, from crazy high concept to very marketable mainstream wear.  



By Suyu Ren: HTW – Some hits, some misses.  Designing for dwarfs is a great idea but the execution is just so-so. Some designs with strong personalities are the ones I like the most.

By Grace Haynes: The HTW University fashion show was great because of the variety. There were many students who were graduating this Summer and the show highlighted the different styles of the upcoming designers, as well as the school’s diversity. There were many hits and misses, however one of my favorite parts that I will never forget was the clothing line for little people. To see so many little people all in one area at once was fascinated. Being accustomed to the long and lean body types of the typical model in contrasts to the confident strut of the little people was really eye opening. Everyone clapped for each model and the clothing although not high fashion, was still nice everyday clothing that a little person might not find in your average department store. That show made my week.