The Coffee Enthusiast in Berlin, Part One

(by Suyu Ren) When talking about coffee, people don’t usually come up with the city Berlin.  But New Zealand and Australian baristas fulfilled this lacking coffee culture with third wave coffee bars in the past few years. Even if you are not a specialty coffee drinker, every specialty coffee bar also offers decent Latte,  pretty cappuccino, and finest pastries.

“The third wave of coffee refers to a current movement to produce high-quality coffee, and consider coffee as an artisanal foodstuff, like wine, rather than a commodity.”   ——Wikipedia

The Barn/ The Barn Roastery

Auguststraße 58, 10119 Berlin Mitte

Mon–Fri 8:00–18:00 , Sat–Sun 10:00–18:00

Schönhauser Allee 8, 10119 Berlin Mitte

Mon–Fri 08:30–18:00 , Sat–Sun 10:00–18:00

At Auguststraße location they only serve two kinds of beans for hand brewed coffee in the shop. The bean I choose is from Blackburn Estate Tanzania Filter which is one of the best Tanzanian farms. The light roasted coffee has fully developed taste, very smooth, flavorful and fruity. It has the depth of taste to be a decent cup. But what makes the cup a 10 out of 10 is the aftertaste. It ends very clean, no impurity and slight sweet.

At Schönhauser Allee location that is their roastery they serve five different coffee beans on order and I tried two.  Kochere  Ethippia Filter is one of the kind that has a strong black tea flavor, is rich in flavor while mind and silky.  Nano Challa Ethiopia Filter shows the best taste when it is cool down a bit. It is almost like peach ice tea with floral aroma.


Companion Coffee

Oranienstrasse 24, 10999 Berlin Kreuzberg

Mon–Sat 11–19h

Companion Coffee is located inside of Kreuzberg’s fashionable concept store Voo and they serve their coffee with the greatest passion. I also get the pear juice which is just spot on after an intense filter coffee, with the sweetness, strong pear taste and delicate fermented flavor.


Chapter One

Mittenwalder Straße 30, 10961 Berlin Kreuzberg

Tue–Sat 09h–18h, Sun 11h–18h

Had the cold drip coffee there for the hot day. The first sip is so intense with flavors and acidity that made me wonder where the coffee is from. No wonder, I saw it labored as Kenya, where the coffee is brighter, more complex in flavor and higher in acidity. If you are not used to this strong flavor, I would recommend the ice Latte to go.


Five Elephant Coffee Roastery & Bakery Shop

Reichenberger Straße 101, 10999 Berlin Kreuzberg

Mon–Fri 8:30–19 , Sat–Sun 10–19

Five Elephant supplies many Berlin’s cafes with excellent roasted coffee. They didn’t have filter coffee at the moment I came so I get cappuccino. They are famous for their Philadelphia cheesecake which is considered the best in Berlin. It is very light, creamy,  and has the right amount of sweetness. The crust is crisp and has a slight cinnamon flavor. Everything is so well-balanced and is just spot on. You just have to FINISH IT, SO FAST!


Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers

Münzstraße 21, 1st backyard, 10178 Berlin Mitte

Mon–Sat 09:00–19:00

This small coffee shop serves delicious coffee using Five Elephant’s roasts with master brewing skills. The bean I picked is Bifdu Gudina, Ethiopia and the flavor description is apricot nectar, bergamot, and complex. The complex balance of spices and harmonious fruity sweetness is so pleasant for a cup to enjoy the lovely afternoon with.


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