A Trip to Adidas Headquarters

by Erick Ikeda, Adidas, Herzogenaurach

“Actions are the seed of fate, deeds grow into destiny.” – Harry S Truman

During the course of our lives we meet a lot of people. Some that you just happen to run into, some you go to school with, some you do activities with, some you share a passion with, some you share a dream with. Then there are those that hit every one of them.

with friends

with friends

I went down south to Herzogenaurach this weekend, where the Adidas world headquarters resides. I had an internship at the U.S. Headquarters in Portland, Oregon and always wanted to check it out so I thought it’d be a great opportunity since I’m already on this side of the planet. I met up with some of my favorite, incredible, talented human beings, Muan Onsiri, designer for Yohji Yamamoto’s Y-3 line, Ivan jaddou whom designs for Originals Mi Adidas customization and Fionn Corcoran-Tadd, designer in the Futures, Adidas Innovation team.

The train to Herzogenaurach

The train to Herzog

I’m not allowed to say much about what was being worked on in the studios but what I can say is how inspiring it was to simply be standing in it. Every detail of the Laces building, for a lack of better word, was made to look “designer-y.” Everything from the shelves and desks in the studios, the stools in the cafe, to the doorknobs in the bathroom were made to inspire. The 7 floor tall building was interlaced with walk ways connecting different areas, tying the different teams together to collaborate. Equipped with everything from sample making studios, product testing facilities, material libraries, it was made for creativity to flourish.

Beyond the visit I spent quality time with my friends catching up over home cooked meals and drinks. I left refreshed and with more conviction to return. I got to get better.
Until next time. Prost.


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