Textile Arts Fair Berlin

by Justine Parish – Berlin-Kreuzberg

Running June 27 & 28, 2015, this fabulous Textile Arts Fair showcased and celebrated the mixing of East and West in Berlin.  The show in 2016 will be July 9 & 10 at the same location.   www.textile-art-berlin.de

IMG_2356The show was two sprawling floors of displays, vendor markets, demonstrations and lectures (although in German).  Located at the Carl Von Ossietzky School – the school is close to the Sudstern stop of the U7, which by the way also has a fabulous Saturday Farmers Market.

The show was a very interesting mix of highly experimental art pieces mixed with very traditional artisan techniques from the East.  I was surprised at the quantity of felting in all forms form sculpture to wall hangings to clothing.  It actually dominated over the quilting which is the more popular fiber art form in the USA right now.

To see more of the work from this show also look at my You Tube video

I also met some wonderful individual artists including Marlene, who is a student at a small Fashion Design College.  Their display was all felted work.  In addition to the artists listed below, there was also a very extensive vendor market of every conceivable technique and material.

And of course Food….fabulous regional specialties to try and taste.  If I could find a place to sit, I would have…but I was on a mission to SEE IT ALL.

Food Vendors

Food Vendors


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