Head To Toe Berlin

A Portrait of 5 Keizes – Project 1


Here is an example of the finished Project 1 – Research into the neighborhoods. This group created characters representing the 5 neighborhoods they researched and told a story of each neighborhood through each of those characters.  They also used photos, map details and created sketches which can be seen on the “Painting Berlin – Gallery” Page

From left – Noel Ekker, Suyu Ren, Kristen Stain, Caitlin Joo.

THE FIVE KIEZES 1. Charlottenburg / Wilmersdorf (west) 2. Mitte / Tiergarten (center) 3. Prenzlauer Berg (north east) 4. Friedrichstein / Neukölln (east) 5. Kreuzberg / Schōneberg (south east)