As part of the preparation for our trip to Berlin, the class spent the first 3 weeks in Pasadena at the Art Center campus.  Week 1, we were treated to a wonderful presentation in the James Lemont Fogg Memorial Library at Art Center by Robert Lundquist (Liaison Librarian & Access Coordinator) on the use of our trend services and research of Berlin based designers.

At Art Center we have CMTEL (Color, Materials & Trends Lab) with a great collection of industrial materials.  On Tuesday of Week 2, our class had a wonderful presentation of the collection by Marshall Hamachi, Associate Director of CMTEL.

On Thursday of Week 2 as part of our downtown LA field trip we visited the FIDM TEXTILE LIBRARY with a wonderful presentation by Kristine Upesleja, Manager of Textiles & Materials at FIDM.

The FIDM Library is open to the public for research by appointment.

By Justine Parish



  1. I can’t wait to live vicariously through the moment to moment thrills and awesomeness of this project. Savor every little site, sound and experience…..cause I will.


  2. Lilly Martin Sahiounie

    I took a course in Costume design at UCI and UCSD. I learned so much, and even though it was not my career choice, it made a huge difference in my life. I wish all the students all the best, especially Kristen Stain. Lilly Martin Sahiounie, Latakia, Syria


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